Coming out of Level 4 lock down to Level 3, what does that actually mean?

Updated: May 23

It is the weekend before the announcement on Monday, where the Government will be either extending or lifting the lock down, but do not get to excited! The Government will be doing this in stages, so if we come out of alert level 4, it will be to a alert level 3, and we have no idea how long that will be for. So what is alert level 3? You can check out the NZ Ministry of Health COVID 19 website for the full down low on the alert level.

In a nutshell, not a lot changes, unless your employed in a position where you are unable to work from home, that means you can go to work. But, before you go and book your root touch up with your hairdresser, businesses that offer face to face services such as hairdressing, beauty therapy, massage and house cleaning, is not allowed! You may want to invest in a hair scarf to cover those roots, and pull out the old tweezers for those bushy eyebrows!

As for education, for the bulk of us, online learning and stay at home play continues, except for the ones who cannot work from home and have no one else at home to watch the children. This only applies to children up to year 10. Yeah.... and if you have one person working on site and one working from home, I am sorry, your children will have to stay home too. The things that do change, that will give some much needed therapy, is we will have access to online shopping, click & collect and takeaways, so that will be nice for the bulk of us, as we can at least get some shopping therapy, and a night off cooking! I might need to invest in some larger size pants, as I seemed to have taken up snacking as a hobby during this lock down.

We can also drive a short distant to get some exercise, so the beach (if near by) or a bush walk as long as we use social distancing and common sense, we do not want to put ourselves in danger. I personally will be taking advantage of that, as my children are not interested in walking around the block anymore. Seriously I cannot even get them out the door now.

Our bubbles can also be slightly increased, before you get too excited, this only means that you can expand your bubble for a caregiver to help you in your household, or if you live alone either as a couple or a single person, it can be expanded for a friend or a couple no more than 2 adults from the same household or if you are in a shared care situation, then you can also include them in your bubble. Otherwise we must remain in our own bubbles!

Social gatherings are still a no no, unless it is a Funeral or a Wedding Ceremony, which is limited to 10 people only.

I am not sure how long alert level 3 will last, if we do go into it next week, it could be a couple of weeks or even a month, which feels so long since we have already done 4 weeks! Some of us longer if you were already in self isolation (like our family, we are on week 5). This will be a real test on relationships, parents patience, kids emotions, and all of our mental health. But it is the light at the end of the tunnel I promise, we can all do this!

My advice to survive this time, is to not sweat the small stuff, if your house is a mess from all the kids or just the lack of desire for cleaning, you haven't gotten out of your P'J's in the last 3 days, let alone bushed your hair! Online schooling is a real challenge, it could be the t.v. seems to be on all the time, or the kids are always on technology! Don't Worry! Your not alone! We are all in the same boat. Plus no one is going to visit your house and see the mess, they wont see you, so you can PJ it all week long, and rock that birds nest on your head! Also the kids will catch up when school starts, pick your battles, they have a lot of emotions going on, and feeling out of balance too.

Right! Time to go and do parent things like give my kids ice-cream! Remember keep safe, stay home and be kind not only to others but yourself.

xx Sarah


© 2019 By Sarah J McCracken.